Ideal Listing Price When Selling

Listing price can not be decided on in advance. Home market prices are fluid and can change daily.

Selling a home is a big commitment. It takes a toll on you as an owner who is planning on selling their home. Dealing with the process of choosing a Realtor to work with, determining a listing price, moving arrangements, if buying; trying to match your sale closing date with that of your newly purchased home, dealing with a bank, mortgage arrangement, kids school change and much more can be stressful.

Having an experienced and honest real estate agent by your side during this process is crucial. It is important you are aware, that in the GTA there is no shortage of agents. In fact, there is one realtor for every 65 households in Ontario.

Do yourself a favor, and take your time when deciding which Real Estate agent will work for you.

Your agent will help you determine the asking price for your home, by providing you with useful facts about the current market, lists of current inventory, to recently sold homes including all details about sold properties.

Based on all the facts, and a detailed comparison of your home with available homes and the ones sold, you will come up with a listing price for your home. A highly priced home will cause buyers to lose interest in the property, and a low priced listing, if not handled well during receiving an offer, will end up costing you thousands.

On many occasions, home sellers and their realtor, price the home very competitively in order to create a multiple offer situation but this has to be planned and executed well in order for you to achieve your desired sale price.