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By your North Oakville low 1% flat fee commission agent:

What is so special about North Oakville real estate market?

Located at the foot of a picturesque escarpment, North Oakville is surrounded by lush nature trails, excellent schools, hipe shopping centres, fabulous dining, and easy access to the 403, QEW, 407, and GO Transit – enjoying all the benifits of an urban centre while maintaining its charming and naturistic setting.

These special charactrastics of North Oakville combined with quality homes built by top builders attract many dewelers from Toronto, Mississauga and surrounding areas.

Home prices have been on the rise since the market fall in late 2017. As an example; a detached 2200 sqft, single car garage home is sold around the 1.2 Million Dollar mark.

If you purchased a home during the market peak of 2017 and were waiting for prices to go up so that you can recoupe your investment, the time is now!

First quarter of 2020 have seen the biggest increase in real estate prices in Oakville. Home prices have now reached the 2017 mark and many home owners are contemplating cashing out while the market is still hot in late February.
Historically hot markets are followed by a period of market saturation as high selling prices motivate many who have been sitting on the fence and undecided to list their home for sale.

If you have been contemplating selling your home this is the time. Let’s get down to work by reviewing your property features, your local market activities, recent sales, current inventory and come up with ideal listing price for your home.

If suggested price meets your expectations then we can take it to the next step, which is preparing the home for sale. There are numerous actions that we have to take to get the home ready for sale, and as a home owner you will have to go through the checklist we prepare for you in order to have the home in ideal condition for showing.

As soon as we have the paperwork completed, the listing will go live on MLS, your attractive lawn sign will be installed by our sign company. In addition, we will have few direction signs installed on main intersection to direct traffic to our listing.

Photos will be take by our professional photographer, a virtual tour will be produced and we will have a beautiful full color feature sheet for your house.

We syndicate our listings to over 2000 real estate websites in the GTA. This might sound like a preposterous claim, but we do in fact feature our listings on the stated number of real estate websites within 24-48 hours.

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Our professional group of tech savvy realtors, with excellent knowledge of market and innovative marketing resources, and low commission fees, are highly recommended for your ideal experience while selling your home.

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