How to fall into a 5 or 6% commission trap

Realtor walks in equipped with scripts that he/she always uses during a listing appointment.
When listing a home, commissions and fees are big on every seller’s mind. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who thinks about commission rates. The agent who you are about to interview is also thinking about how much commission he can get from you for listing your house.

So, you greet them, show them around the house and offer them a seat at the dining table. After going over some of the information prepared such as a Comparative Market Analysis CMA, the issue of commission fees come up.
It is very clear from the get-go that this agent is not in it for your best interest, but for his. He will try to manipulate you into paying a higher percent of commission.
Some common scripts such as “you get what you pay for” or “if another agent can’t negotiate his own commission, how can he negotiate on your behalf” and similar gimmicks to get you to pay a 5 or 6% commission.

In today’s market homes sell within days and a 5% commission for a few days work is not fair nor justifiable.ready to sell

Find an agent who has the experience and knowledge of selling real estate, and is a full-time Realtor who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for listing your home. The next steps of selling your home are negotiating the terms of the listing agreement, paying a reasonable fee and selling your home.
An agent who will market the property aggressively, present a professional open house, be responsive, is internet savvy and committed to handling calls, inquiries and personally negotiating the sale of your home, is your perfect candidate.